Catalogue of Works

The catalogue of concert works by Eugenio Toussaint was compiled according to criteria commonly used to describe musical works, to which fields were added for insertion of relevant information, although such data was not always available for all works.

The works are numbered based on the year of creation, including any relevant notations regarding the date of creation or date of revision, made by either the author or a performer. Certain works also include a subheading, when the same name corresponds to separate pieces. Other aspects that were considered are the date and place of premiere, the performers, and whether the work was commissioned or dedicated. The instrumentation, sections, genre and duration are specified for each work. Only commercial recordings are noted under recordings.

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Eugenio Toussaint

Book & CD Reference Set

Book containing 50 original jazz compositions by Eugenio Toussaint, most of which have been recorded by Sacbé over the last 25 years.